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For example, cotton requires around 20,000 liters of water to produce 1 kg of cotton. This requirement of water is excessive since water is already a scarce resource. The production of cotton requires the usage of pesticides. According to the Environmental Impact, cotton production is responsible for “18% of worldwide pesticides and 25% of insecticide use” . They also contaminate the water source, which is another way people get sick. “Sustainyourstyle,” claims that the heavy use of chemicals in cotton farming causes diseases and premature death among cotton farmers, along with massive freshwater and ocean water pollution and soil degradation.

What is fashion history?

The beginnings of fashion design are spotted in 1826 when Charles Frederick Worth set the foundations of something that will become a successful career later. Due to his work, he was considered as being the world's first fashion designer. Until then, people considered dressing as an act of showing their status symbol.

Chanel embraced the essence of the “Roaring Twenties” which was all about becoming “someone” and separating yourself from the old and beginning a new life. Chanel focused on the newly found needs and desires of women and designed her fashion around what women had wanted.

Simple Fashion Essay Ideas

Although fashion enthusiasm might be detrimental, fashion forms a very important part of the culture. It is through fashion that new products are made, which leads to invention. Innovative products compete with other existing products to create Cheap Essay Writing for Students new products that will impress potential customers. Buyers should, therefore, control their enthusiasm towards conformance to unnecessary and undoing fashion and use fashion productively by making wise spending and dressing decisions.

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Started and influenced due to competition among clothing brands and to increase profit. Large apparel brands such as Zara, H&M, Uniqlo, and GAP would produce cheap, low-quality clothes consist of synthetic chemicals and non-sustainable dyes. These large companies manufacture their products in 3rd world countries, where the working conditions are poor, wages are low and production is bad for the environment. The clothes are then shipped to stores in Europe and North America to be sold for very low prices. Low prices encourage consumers to buy more for less, only for the clothes to end up in landfills. The decay of synthetic garments in landfills is detrimental to the environment.

Fashion in the clothing industry

The culture of a place plays an important role in setting the fashion trend of that place. While the Kanchivaram saree is in fashion in Tamil Nadu, short essay for fashion kurti and patiala salwar is in vogue in Punjab. Likewise, tunics, churidars and pherans are in fashion in Kashmir while lungi is in style in Kerela.

It is why there is a lot of fashion designs available which can make it possible for less fortunate people to own still fashion designs which will be of a very high quality and also very attractive. Water consumption is another issue related to environmental damage. The production of clothes required requires a lot of water usage.

Easy Fashion Essay Topics

Likewise, never judge how people dress our style themselves. In my proposed business plan I intend to open a store selling urban clothing with my clothing line products. The products will cater for all people regardless of their gender or age. The impact of networking services causes more competition, honesty, and creativity in professional clothes design and marketing. Fashion design is the practical art concerned with clothing and daily life accessories created in the cultural and societal influences of a certain period. This paper concentrates on anti-fashion as one of the most remarkable fashion trends of the 1970s, including its most significant icons and the factors affecting its development. This paper explores the degree of responsibility of three major actors, consumers, fashion houses, and retailers, of maintaining ethical standards in the fashion industry.

Who brought fashion?

Charles Frederick Worth is believed to be the first fashion designer of the world, from 1826 to 1895. Charles, who was earlier a draper, set up a fashion house in Paris. It was he who started the tradition of fashion houses and telling his customers what kind of clothing would suit them.

The analysis will focus on the operations of the fashion and leather goods segment in the UK market. Fashion and Appearance This type of pop culture and mode of dressing basically compliments and deeply expresses the attitudes of the people and their form of musical conduct. 1940s was a decade marked by the second World War and the ensuing independence of India.

Writing From Scratch

Teens in today’s generation dress and have a different taste of fashion compared to that of the teenagers 10, 20, or 30 years ago. In terms of style, we have a more “revealing” kind of look but in terms of comfort we have much of that. Teenagers before dress to what their hearts desire to wear, but now we tend to go with the trend and not have originality. „165 Fashion Essay Topics.“ StudyCorgi, 30 June 2022,

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Workers who are too sick to work are required to “spend the day resting in the factory’s mosque” . Companies are forcing workers to work countless hours without extra pay to make ends meet.

Effects of Online Shopping on the Fashion Industry

The brand owners and retailers give manufacturing contracts to the contractors and thus they outsource manufacturing to attain flexibility and cut down costs. This has led to mass production of a myriad of ready-made designs which in turn has been very critical in reducing fashion enthusiasm (Breward, 2003, p. 67). Lastly, cooperative interactions between customers and fashion companies can really help build a relationship that will allow them to collaboratively and more effectively work towards fixing this issue. If both consumers and the fashion industry continue on with their efforts and further promote awareness in Fast Fashion, we believe that there would be a list of positive results about this issue. Consumers should wear their clothes fully until they can’t be used. Once that happens, rather than throwing your clothes out, it’s a great idea to recycle your clothes because it’s very easy and doable.

  1. From embroidery to a specific neckline, balance is the key to a great dress.
  2. Likewise, they also keep a tab on the latest shoe trends and incorporate them.
  3. Suitable business plans have to be formulated for managing the business successfully at each stage of the business growth cycle.
  4. To millions of women, Victoria’s Secret represented femininity.

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