Best Smartphones 2022: top mobile phones to buy now for every budget

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5G still feels far from a necessity but, if it’s something you fancy, there are close rivals who do offer it but they can’t match the Redmi Note 10 Pro’s camera and display. The Poco F3 isn’t perfect though, with its blisteringly fast performance being somewhat inhibited by some annoying bloatware that you’ll have to spend time purging from this device. The amazing display isn’t matched in looks by the design which is fairly uninspiring. The average camera isn’t going to pull up any trees either, photography fans should look to the Pixel 4a. With Apple’s latest A15 mobile chip, you won’t be surprised to hear this phone remains blisteringly fast. The most notable thing you’ll notice in day-to-day use is that this speed hasn’t impacted battery life.

Perhaps most significantly it adds a second rear camera, with a 16MP telephoto lens joining the 12.2MP main one. It’s a combination that allows for superb shots, even if you just point and shoot, showing that lots of lenses isn’t necessary for great smartphone photography. That’s a 1080 x 2400 Super AMOLED display with 120Hz refresh rate and HDR10+ support, so it’s a high-end screen. It’s not quite as high resolution as some flagships, but being compact the pixels go further. The Asus Zenfone 8 straddles the line between mid-range and flagship, as it pairs high-end specs with a slightly more affordable price than most rivals, and with its 5.9-inch screen it’s also compact.

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If you’ve looked at our choices for the best phones overall, you’ll see that some of the phones are familiar. However the UK also has more choices from companies that have entered the European market but not the U.S., making for an exciting number of possible phones to choose from. Only then, when all five of these phone review procedures are complete, do we award a score to a phone, with 5 stars been the highest rank a product can get. Firstly, we judge the phone from a build quality and fit and finish point of view, as well as how comprehensive its package is. This stage is very much ascertaining how a phone feels in the hand, how robust it looks and what extras it does or doesn’t come with. If a phone has a cheap plastic backplate and a spongy screen then we’ll find out and let you know. Choosing the right phone is no easy task, as there are so many on the market and, truth be told, many of them are very similar.

Best phones 2022: The best of the rest

The levels of accuracy, alongside tons of customisation options, make this a camera made for photography enthusiasts who love to tinker and perfect. The iPhone 13 Pro Max is the biggest and best of Apple’s new-generation iPhones, with the same cameras and tech as the iPhone 13 Pro, but with a bigger screen (6.7 inches versus 6.1 inches). The Pro Max also boasts a slightly longer battery life of up to 28hrs video playback versus up to 22 hours on the smaller ’13 Pro.

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And the specs are top notch, too, with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 SoC and a massive 12GB of RAM. There’s no microSD slot support, and battery life could be better, but if you’ve got the budget, this is a fabulous foldable. When closed, it offers the dimensions of a standard 6.7in smartphone. Unfold it, it’s transformed into a sizable 7.6in tablet, complete with S Pen support for note taking and doodling.

Android has a much wider reach than its Apple counterpart and is found on the majority of smartphones on the market. There are many different versions of Google’s operating system available, though. Generally speaking, you’ll want a phone running Android 11 or higher, as older versions will now be outdated. Manufacturers often customise their own versions of Android, which means that the experience can differ between handsets.